Prosperity Connect

Recognising that the future of medical and healthcare insurance and funding in emerging markets is without doubt technology based, the Prosperity Group has made a multimillion US dollar investment over a period of 15 years in developing a world-class custom-designed, fully integrated healthcare information management platform called the HIT portal.

The HIT system seamlessly integrates every aspect of health administration, from claims assessment and membership credit control, reconciliation and billing through to financial, business intelligence and risk management.

The uniqueness of the system is its core application and business processes that run through a single enterprise portal. The tangible benefit of adopting the enterprise portal provides Prosperity Group the ability to offer multinational administration services on a universal platform, making global healthcare administration across borders proven a reality.

The HIT system allows for a total on-site outsourcing of administration and management services to companies across the continent, whereby the in-country office carries out all front-end services such as processing of claims, membership loading and reconciliation as well as client service access to be able to appropriately respond to customer queries. Each office is connected to a centralised database through satellite technology, internet connection or optic fibre cables creating a 24/7-technology highway linking each office real time into the HIT portal backbone.

Because business intelligence is a key element in understanding and reacting to the future, the centralised data base enables companies to analyse claim patterns per country, conduct market segmentation of customers per region and at the same time maintain readily available clinical, financial and risk evaluations from the back end whereby proactive steps can be taken in any in-country operation as and when needed.

The portal environment further enables companies, members and service suppliers such as hospitals, doctors and pharmacies etc. to be able to log onto the Prosperity Connect portal and view statements, payment information, benefit and membership status and submission of electronic claims. The system's greatest strength is the ability to integrate members, services providers, companies and the administrator with real-time information no matter in which country the member is a resident or getting medical services or from where the provider of services is providing the medical services.

In adapting to the principles of globalisation, the Prosperity Connect system features unlimited scale ability, has positioned the group to offer medical and financial services seamlessly across the African continent and as a global offering meeting the company's vision in offering medical cover and health management without borders.

Healing Hands

The Prosperity Group of Companies launched its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative 'Healing Hands' in 2011. The project is aimed at reaching out to the Namibian community, that has a medical condition that need attention. The goal is to assist those who cannot afford their treatment as they are not covered by a medical aid or medical insurance.

Candidates are nominated by the general public. From the nominations candidates are selected that receives medical treatment compliments of the Prosperity Group of Companies.

For more information about the project and the candidates follow Healing Hands – Prosperity Group on Facebook.







Prosperity Life

Prosperity Lifecare Insurance Limited is a fully accredited long term financial services provider. Positioned as a niche market player, Prosperity Life offers risk underwriting and medical insurance plans to medical aid funds and the buying public alike.

Products on offer ranges from major medical insurance, excess of loss cover, tariff gap cover plans to medical evacuation and funeral plans. Prosperity Life further specialized in complementary lifestyle insurance products that are tailor made according to a medical aid funds needs or for corporate clients.

Medical Plans Medical Aid Fund add-on products
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