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Prosperity Lifecare Insurance Limited is a fully accredited long term financial services provider. Positioned as a niche market player, Prosperity Life offers risk underwriting and medical insurance plans to medical aid funds and the buying public alike.

Products on offer ranges from major medical insurance, excess of loss cover, tariff gap cover plans to medical evacuation and funeral plans. Prosperity Life further specialized in complementary lifestyle insurance products that are tailor made according to a medical aid funds needs or for corporate clients.

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c/o Feld & Thorer St
P.O. Box 22927

Tel: +264 83 299 9000 / 9736
Fax: +264 61 222 161
Walvis Bay
Medical Park Hidipo Hamutenya Street
PO Box 731
Walvis Bay

Tel: +264 83 323 2000
Fax: +264 88 655 5508
First floor – F3
The Dome
5371 Welwitschia Street

Tel: +264 83 323 2050
Fax: +264 88 655 5510
c/o Robert Mugabe & Main Rd, The Palms 7
P.O. Box 7196
Oshakati West

Tel: +264 65 222 335
Fax: +264 88 655 5514
1150 Sam Nujoma Rd
PO Box 791

Tel: +264 83 323 2070
/ 2072 / 2073
Fax: +264 88 655 5509
230 Bismarck St
PO Box 1178

Tel: +264 63 202 143
Fax: +264 63 204 169
Wurigor Building, no 102
Mittel St
P.O. Box 1565

Tel: +264 83 323 2120
Fax: +264 88 652 4102
Number 16, 7th Avenue

Tel: +264 83 323 2110
Fax: +264 88 655 5513
Rosh Pinah
Kokerboom St
Unit 1 SME Park
P.O. Box 71
Rosh Pinah

Tel: +264 83 323 2130
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Main Rd
Medical Center
2nd floor

Tel: +264 66 267 261
Fax: +264 88 651 5346


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