Our Commitment

Prosperity will continuously strive to be a healthcare provider that represents the aspirations of the people of Namibia, as we believe that the successful introduction and maintenance of a sound and sustainable health financing system is depending on the buy-in and support of the formally employed sector and the promotion of in-country development, improvement and investment in health and medical resources and infrastructures.

Prosperity strives to make a measurable contribution to the overall social and economic transformation of Namibia, based on the promotion of equity ownership, employment, education, training and corporate social investment.

We believe that the heart of our business is people. Our success depends on the care we take in developing our people and providing rewarding careers. In turn their professional skills and commitment will underpin the service we provide to our clients, members and business partners.

Prosperity is committed to an Namibian Health Renaissance in which good health to all is more than a condition of human rights but the cornerstone of a prosperous nation




"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them."
Paul Hawken

Healthcare information technology

Recognising that the future of medical and healthcare insurance and funding in emerging markets is without doubt technology based, the Prosperity Group has made a multimillion US dollar investment over a period of 10 years in developing a world-class custom-designed, fully integrated healthcare information management platform called the H.I.T portal.

The H.I.T system seamlessly integrates every aspect of health administration, from claims assessment and membership credit control, reconciliation and billing through to financial, business intelligence and risk management.

The uniqueness of the system is its core application and business processes that run through a single enterprise portal. The tangible benefit of adopting the enterprise portal provides Prosperity Group the ability to offer multinational administration services on a universal platform, making global healthcare administration across borders proven a reality.

The H.I.T system allows for a total on-site outsourcing of administration and management services to companies across the continent, whereby the in-country office carries out all front-end services such as processing of claims, membership loading and reconciliation as well as client service access to be able to appropriately respond to customer queries. Each office is connected to a centralised database through satellite technology, internet connection or optic fibre cables creating a 24/7-technology highway linking each office real time into the H.I.T portal backbone.

Because business intelligence is a key element in understanding and reacting to the future, the centralised data base enables companies to analyse claim patterns per country, conduct market segmentation of customers per region and at the same time maintain readily available clinical, financial and risk evaluations from the back end whereby proactive steps can be taken in any in-country operation as and when needed.

The portal environment further enables companies, members and service suppliers such as hospitals, doctors and pharmacies etc. to be able to log onto the HIT portal and view statements, payment information, benefit and membership status and submission of electronic claims. The system's greatest strength is the ability to integrate members, services providers, companies and the administrator with real-time information no matter in which country the member is a resident or getting medical services or from where the provider of services is providing the medical services.

In adapting to the principles of globalisation, Prosperity's H.I.T system features unlimited scale ability, has positioned the group to offer medical and financial services seamlessly across the African continent and as a global offering meeting the company's vision in offering medical cover and health management without borders.

Within Us

Our phenomenal growth has by no means been a stroll in the park. Among other challenges, we stood our ground against some of South Africa's insurance and healthcare giants. Our secret is that there are no secret: only sheer hard work to perpetually provide the sharpest innovation, the best value for money and most intimate client service. For instance you do not grow to have the country's largest healthcare services footprint unless you are in sync with what customers want, when and how.

Our success does not at all mean we are resting on our laurels. Our biggest competitor is ourselves, as we constantly seek to enhance our standards and in the process elevate our clients closer to their aspirations; be they private clients, corporate businesses, multinational organisations or government institutions.

About Us

"Do not be awe struck by other people and try to copy them. Nobody can be you as efficiently as you can."

Norman Vincent Peale

We have blossomed from a specialised healthcare management company with just one member in 1994, to a Group of Companies that is one of Namibia's most ambitious and revolutionary.

From our roots in cost-effective healthcare insurance, we have spread our branches into financial services through medical administration and insurance, long-term and life insurance, direct to market short-term insurance and emergency evacuation and paramedical services.

As a proudly local, wholly-owned Namibian company, we are thrilled to have extended our umbrella of services to the whole of the country. This testifies to our philosophy that "local" and "world-class" need not necessarily mean two different standards.