Our Clients

Corporate Client Portfolios under Management

Throughout the group's businesses and operating offices, the main objective is to maximise economies of scale and synchronise synergies within the group to offer affordable and cost-effective services and products.

Medical Scheme Portfolio – Commercial Open Schemes

• Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund

Medical Scheme Portfolio – Close Corporate Schemes

• Namdeb Medical Scheme

• Napotel Medical Aid Fund

• Road Contractors Company Medical Scheme

Corporate Client Relationships

Prosperity has a proud services relationship with some of Namibia's leading blue-chip companies and organisations, some of which have been with us for more than 10 years and include:

• Airlines • Agricultural Co-operations • Hotels & Resorts • Electricity Supply Companies • Banking & Development Institutions • Fishing & Factories• Insurers & Financial Services • Mining & Engineering Companies • Communications Companies • Government Organisations, Embassies & Municipalities • Transport Companies • Telecommunications & Postal Services • Food & Beverages • Churches & Non-governmental Institutions • Universities • Multinational Service Organisations • Clothing & Furniture Companies • Factories & Refineries • Packaging & Supply Companies • Foundations & Relieve Services • Hospital & Medical Service Provider Organisations • Unions

Prosperity Health

Medical Aid Fund Administrator

Prosperity Health Namibia is one of Namibia's leading healthcare administrators, excelling in risk management and specialized medical aid. We are the only healthcare administrator administering four other private and autonomous medical aid funds.

Our business technology system, H.I.T, owned and maintained by Prosperity, forms the virtual backbone of the Group's diverse operations. Prosperity's operations are characterised by fully-fledged "one stop" offices countrywide. This footprint enables real time service standardization between offices, and real time claiming ability between service providers and Prosperity.

The net result is service efficiency nationally and regionally, seamless financial control and ultra-convenient access to members and service providers alike.

Corporate portfolio and footprint

Our portfolio is bolstered by some of Namibia's largest corporate and commercial medical aid funds, namely Renaissance Medical Aid Fund, RCC, Napotel and Namdeb. Our track record of client satisfaction has yielded long-lasting bonds with over 350 companies, including some of Namibia's leading blue chip organizations under Renaissance Medical Aid Fund.

To bring global standards to our member demographics, we focus on accessible service networks through regional and on-site offices.

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Prosperity Life

Prosperity Lifecare Insurance Limited is a fully accredited long term financial services provider. Positioned as a niche market player, Prosperity Life offers risk underwriting and medical insurance plans to medical aid funds and the buying public alike.
Products on offer ranges from major medical insurance, excess of loss cover, tariff gap cover plans to medical evacuation and funeral plans. Prosperity Life further specialized in complementary lifestyle insurance products that are tailor made according to a medical aid funds needs or for corporate clients



Prosperity Insurance

Prosperity Insurance limited is a fully accredited short term insurance company offering both classes of domestic and commercial insurance cover to the Namibian market.

Re-insurance treaties with Munich Re, Africa Re and Namib Re, provides Prosperity Insurance with sufficient capacity to cover commercial risk such as marine, business, mines, telecommunications and liability cover.

Prosperity's aggressive reinsurance philosophy provides clients and the local broker market with peace of mind in regards to solvency requirements and capacity to take on risk.

Through some of the leading broker houses in Namibia, Prosperity underwrite a brought spectrum of the Namibia's business sectors which ranges from Telecommunications, Parastatels, Lodges, Breweries, Municipalities, Commercial businesses, Fishing industry and construction industry to mention a few.