Our Commitment

Prosperity will continuously strive to be a healthcare provider that represents the aspirations of the people of Namibia, as we believe that the successful introduction and maintenance of a sound and sustainable health financing system is depending on the buy-in and support of the formally employed sector and the promotion of in-country development, improvement and investment in health and medical resources and infrastructures.

Prosperity strives to make a measurable contribution to the overall social and economic transformation of Namibia, based on the promotion of equity ownership, employment, education, training and corporate social investment.

We believe that the heart of our business is people. Our success depends on the care we take in developing our people and providing rewarding careers. In turn their professional skills and commitment will underpin the service we provide to our clients, members and business partners.

Prosperity is committed to an Namibian Health Renaissance in which good health to all is more than a condition of human rights but the cornerstone of a prosperous nation