About Us

About Us

"Do not be awe struck by other people and try to copy them. Nobody can be you as efficiently as you can."

Norman Vincent Peale



Stairs from left to right: Eddie Bezuidenhout, Callie Schafer, Johan Struwig, Marius Kruger, Dina Holtzhausen, Kobus Struwig, Bertus Struwig
Floor from left to right: Marisa van Staden, Celeen Jacobs, Charem Farao, Gerhard van Eeden, Laurika George, Lydia Chimana, Sansunette Beukes, Ruusa Amuthenu, Claudia Tjizoo, Christine Grobler, Adelaide Pallais, Basie Kotze

We have blossomed from a specialised healthcare management company with just one member in 1994, to a Group of Companies that is one of Namibia's most ambitious and revolutionary.

From our roots in cost-effective healthcare insurance, we have spread our branches into financial services through medical administration and insurance, long-term and life insurance, direct to market short-term insurance and emergency evacuation and paramedical services.

As a proudly local, wholly-owned Namibian company, we are thrilled to have extended our umbrella of services to the whole of the country. This testifies to our philosophy that "local" and "world-class" need not necessarily mean two different standards.