Administrated by Prosperity Health

Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund – RMA is an open, private medical aid for all Namibians, governed by a Board of Trustees. RMA prides itself in being accessible to all Namibians of different social and economical backgrounds, with a wide variety of product offerings and benefit options. Whether you are starting out a career, or whether you have established yourself as a professional and have a family, RMA has the best medical aid options for the healthcare of yourself and your family, because with RMA Your Health Comes First.

GEMHEALTH Medical Scheme – GEMHEALTH Medical Scheme is the closed medical aid fund for the employees and stakeholders of the companies Namdeb, Debmarine and NDTC. Namdeb has an extensive variety of benefit options available to its members, with comprehensive healthcare cover.


Napotel Medical Aid Fund – Napotel Medical Aid Fund is a closed medical aid fund that is governed by a Board of Trustees and is available to the employees and stakeholders of Telecom and Nampost.