Prosperity Health

The Industry Leader

Prosperity Health has been a leader in the Namibian Medical Aid industry for the past 25 years, as a 100% Namibian owned medical aid administrator. Prosperity Health has continuously set a high standard of quality administration and financial services to both closed and open Namibian medical aid funds.


Prosperity Health’s services include risk management, medical aid fund administration, and information technology services. Our HIT (health information technology) services allow for the seamless integration of medical aid administration, and the financial processes necessary for effective administration. Prosperity Health’s high-standard of IT infrastructure has ensured that it is a stable and reliable Namibian financial services provider (FSP), registered with Namfisa.


Prosperity Health administers a variety of both open and closed Namibian medical aid funds, including Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund (RMA), Gemhealth Medical Aid Fund and Napotel Medical Aid Fund. Prosperity Health has been able to tailor its services to effectively cater for each fund and its individual requirements and system of governance. Working closely with each respective fund’s Board of Trustees, Prosperity Health aims to ensure that all the medical aid products cater for the healthcare of all Namibians, in order to Protect the Well-Being of the Namibian population at large.


Throughout its 25 years as a leader in the Namibian medical aid industry, Prosperity Health has built valuable and steadfast relationships with many clients and stakeholders. We value all feedback from our clients and partners, so that we can consistently meet our clients service demands 


Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund (RMA) is proudly administrated by Prosperity Health. RMA is a proudly-Namibian open medical aid fund with a range of medical aid products. If you are looking for more information on RMA, please follow the link below.

Gemhealth Medical Aid Fund is a closed medical aid fund, administered by Prosperity Health. Gemhealth covers the employees of Namdeb, Debmarine Namibia, and NDTC. To access the Gemhealth website, please click below.

Napotel Medical Aid Fund is a closed medical aid fund, one of the funds administered by Prosperity Health. Napotel scheme covers the employees of Telecom Namibia and NamPost. To access the Napotel Website, please click below.