Administrative & Financial Services

Prosperity Health is a registered Financial Services Provider, and offers world-class services in risk management, and the administration of medical aid funds. Prosperity Health caters specifically to the Namibian medical aid fund industry and to the Namibian public, tailoring its services to suit a range of clients and businesses with a variety of medical aid fund requirements.

Our services in medical aid administration are streamlined and enhanced by our information technology services, which are like no other medical aid administrator in Namibia. Prosperity runs on its own information technology management system (HIT), and this system allows for efficient business processes, risk management, claims, membership, and finance. Our technology creates ease and efficiency for both members and stakeholders of our client funds alike.

Our service standards continuously improved, so we can keep true to our ethos of Protecting Well-Being, and so that we can continue to advance the medical aid systems in Namibia, for Namibians.